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When calling, please leave a message, especially if calling from out-of-state or with an unlisted phone number. Vendors & Job inquiries please use email only.
•2014-15 Staff and Consultants (Full and/or Part-time)
-Nick Buccalo (Principal, Architect); B. Mielaczarek (Interior Design); Mayra Hernandez (Secretarial); C. Buhneing (IT, CRS Computers); Lorraine Bryan (Payroll, Accounting).
• past employees
L. Greer, 2013-14 (MArch); L. Sun (intern); Kyriaki Pompadou (Architect); Fernando Gomez (Architect); Ana Sanchez (Graphic Designer); Bill Buccalo (Videography); Jim Buccalo (Engineer).
•past associations on specific projects
-Ling Li (Architect), Elinear Petitt (Graphic Design), Debbie Green (Secretarial), Alan Dubinski (Illustration, Software), Doug Alligood (Architect), Sandra Conti (Software)
R E S I D E N T I A L • C O M M E R C I A L • A R T

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