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SimpleTwig Landscape
Snow/Mountain Scene Study. Rendering using VRay and 3ds Max by SimpleTwig Rendering.



Creating beautiful renderings of projects from around the world is something we hold dear to our hearts. There's nothing more fulfilling than providing a developer, fellow Architect or client with the first glimpse of what their project will look like, and, with our Art History degree we take that responsibility serious. As Mr. Buccalo used to say, "we render with the warm glow of light." In this spirit we continue to update and seek greater levels of beauty in every project we take on.



In this spirit SimpleTwig Rendering has recently purchased a $25k cutting edge computer and high end software and addons to create a spectacular system to lead the profession in rendering. It goes without saying that if we aren't willing to invest in our own business, why should you?

And be warned, do you want to hire someone who's using a school computer and software? Make no mistake they are out there (as President of the New York Society or Renderers, Inc. I have become more aware of international companies and how some operate) . Some offer great deals, on equipment and software which 'can not be used for commercial purposes,' well I'm sure one can understand the ramifications of this without a full explanation.

Here are some of the specs of our new system (with the receipts to prove it):

PROCESSORS: 6 Intel cores clocked at 4.7 Ghz.

RAM: 64 GB's of RAM, yes that's 64 Giga Bytes. All current computers in our office creates a farm of 116 GB's of RAM.

VIDEO: Nvidia Video card boosted with it's own accelerator, a TESLA K20 5GB computing processor.

SOUND: 7.1 Surround Sound Audio System

MONITORS: 2 ASUS 27" Monitors.

This system is in conjunction with 3 other computer systems that support both PC and MAC operating systems. Suffice it to say, we're ready when you are.

In terms of software what would you expect from SimpleTwig Rendering? You can expect that we have the full Adobe Creative Suite with all applications including PhotoShop, Premiere, Illustrator, AfterEffects and all other components; A world class CAD program that is fully compatible with AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD and others, 3d Studio Max 2014, VRay, and a host of addons to complete our tool set, everything legally owned and licensed, so there's no fear of having to remove a rendering because it used software illegally and thus broke the copyright use.





In 1993 Mr. Nicholas Buccalo founded The Drawing Studio to reflect our then 13 years of experience creating professional conventional media renderings in ink, watercolor, pencil and other media. Quickly we adopted integrating digital tools into our work which evolved into fully colored digital renderings. Pushing the limitations of digital technology and receiving many awards and recognition as a result. As time passed, we discovered other companies actually stealing our images and client lists for their own promotional efforts as well as experiencing attacks on our website. It has been quite a journey since then but hasn't stopped us from impacting the rendering profession in a positive way, including Nicholas Buccalo's election as President of the New York Society of Renderers, Inc. in 2000, works archived in the United States Library of Congress, and many other significant accomplishments, transforming our service into the professional organization you see today.

Fast forward to 2010 and we've renamed The Drawing Studio to SimpleTwig Rendering to reflect our new attitude to digital media and commitment to producing the worlds best renderings, and you could say, to throw off our competition from our trail. What you will find at SimpleTwig Rendering is the same commitment of producing renderings shed in the best possible light, that are honest and convincing. We won't hide your project behind layers of smoke and mirrors but instead will reflect an honest appreciation of the unique character of each project and the context each building sits in. This ability isn't something that can be programmed through software or taught at school, it is an ability the evolves from the love of art and architecture and echoed in the skill of Nicholas Buccalo, who at the age of 6 was disqualified from a drawing competition because his work was too good for a 6 year old (his first interior perspective was that of a library). Coupled with a love of Art, a degree in Art History, a professional Architect's license, Mr. Buccalo's is fully commitment to his clients goals and fully capable of achieving them.

Our old company name The Drawing Studio, is still legally viable.


CLIENTS (Partial List):

ABC Studios; Affirmative Equities, Inc.; American Home Products; Amon Carter Museum, TX; Archaeology Magazine; AT&T Corporation; Bergdorf Goodman, Inc.; Bombadaire; Broome Community College; Cantor/Fitzgerald Development; Cardinal Conservation; Cobblestone Publishing, Inc.; Costas Kondylis Architects; Columbia University; Davis, Michael, Architect; Disney Inc.; Domenech Hicks & Knockmalnic; Duffy Square Associates, Inc.; Durst Organization; Ehrenkrantz Echstut & Whitelaw; Emmes Asset Management, Inc;. Equitable Real Estate Investment; ESI Design, Inc.; FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation; FDA, Food & Drug Administration; FPG International Corp.; Guardian Insurance; Gensler; General Service Administration; Glastonbury Wellness Center; Graphisoft, Inc;. Gruzen Samton Architects; Gwathmey Siegel & Associates; Healthtrax, Inc. Helmsley Properties; Clients: Hines, Gerald, Inc.; IBM, Inc.; JMC Communities; JP Morgan & Company; Jones Day Law Offices; Keitel, Harvey, & Company; Kirchner Radionoff Invest., Inc.; Lawless & Mangione Architects; Lujiazui - Itochu Development; Madison Marquette Partners; Mercedes Benz, Inc.; Meringoff Properties; Meyer Mansino, MLD Group; Michael Schuster Associates; Montessori School; National Gallery of Art; NatWest Bank; Market Inc.; Nest Magazine; NJBArchitects; Ohio State University; Oriland Inc.; Park Hills Country Club; Pfizer Inc.; Philip Johnson, Ritchie Architects; Port Authority of NY & NJ; QVC Inc.; Royal Reality Corp.; Sidney P. Gilbert + Partners; South Bend Museum of Art; Sothebys; St. Francsis College; STV Inc. Architects; Sugar Foods Inc.; CHQ; Swanke Hayden Connell Architects; Sydness Architects, P.C.; Takashimaya; Towne Properties Inc.; Turkiye Is Bankasi, A.S.; Upsala College; Wagman Design Group; WPG Design Group; Yale University .



Award of Excellence-19, 2004; 200 West 19th Street Condominium; Architect: CKArchitects.

Award of Excellence-18, 2003; West Point Library, Architect: STV, Inc.;

Life Magazine's 2000 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Imagery, January 2000.

Award of Excellence-14, 1999, The Hohokem Compound at Pueblo Grande, Archaeology.

Award of Excellence-13, 1998; Villa Capri in Landscape, Capri, Italy, Self-commissioned.

Award of Excellence-12, 1997; Lujiazui-Itochu Tower, Shanghai, China, Architect: Sydness Architects.

AIP 11, 1996, Acknowledgement; American Business Ctr, Shanghai, China, Ritchie & Fiore Architects.

Chicago Tribune's Cabrini Green Housing International Competition, Honorable Mention, 1991.

Washington Street Facade Competition, Winner, Harvard University, 1983.


copyright © 2015 SimpleTwig™ architecture.llc., all right reserved; established in the spring of '93

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