Plans for 2 Duplexes and Cafe Shop

A unique Brooklyn lot in that this property had two structures overlooking a city park, with exposures on 3 sides, SimpleTwig Architecture decided to make the most of the situation by creating a small cafe on the main street corner and providing outdoor porch seating between the structures, allowing for a substantial increase in available seating for the shop.

Further, both structures allowed for open floor plan duplexes, each with 2 bedrooms.  Together they maximize the rental capacity of the property and provide the community with an amenity of character which will be cherished for years to come.

Above the cafe porch, is a terrace for both apartments, thus providing these 2nd floor units with outdoor space overlooking the same public garden. While the bedrooms are small, the openness of the living spaces combined with the outdoor space make for a very comfortable light filled experience, heightened by the foliage of the park across the street.

Who’s ready to move?!

Plans by SimpleTwig, Brooklyn, NY


Illustration by SimpleTwig, Brooklyn, NY


Preliminary sketch of duplex rental unit. Fencing is important to prevent unwanted intrusions in urban settings.

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