SimpleTwig™ Architecture.llc and SimpleTwig™ Rendering is a company started by Nicholas Buccalo in 1993.  We provide professional Architectural, Rendering and Digital Graphics solutions to Architects, Developers and Home Owners, but it is more than that, it a force geared towards appreciation of our planet and understands that anything less that the highest quality achievable is a waste of time, effort and money.  I have a willingness to work harder to create architectural solutions that will stand the test of time and be loved by all who experience them.

Located in New York City, SimpleTwig works on projects around the world, from the smallest to some of the worlds largest projects. To learn more visit our website.

At SimpleTwig Blog, I hope to introduce new concepts relating to Architecture that allows the public to weigh in. While many of the concepts may not seem to have a direct bearing on what Architecture is, let me assure you they do.  Just because a large majority of Architects and Contractors ‘skip’ concern for such things, typically in order to yield the most profit for themselves, it doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do.  Unawareness isn’t an excuse because given thoughtful consideration I believe anyone could understand the complexities of Architecture and put together comprehensive yet financially viable solutions.

My goal on this blog to explore the many aspects of the profession and seek out only the best possible solutions that I will be able to apply to all of our future projects without hesitation.  My Blog is, in essence, my road map.  The articles are at the core of how I think and what makes me different than your typical Architect, and as a result will yield a better result for my clients.  You can trust me when I say the vast majority of Architects wouldn’t even bother to consider many of these topics in the detail I do, but as a true Architect I feel it is imperative that our clients deserve such depths of consideration when it comes to their project.

I take the business of Architecture seriously on many levels. On a practical level I will not throw my clients’ money away on impractical and ineffective concepts, designing structures where money is ‘hidden’ in structural gymnastics, but instead put money where it will have the greatest impact on the design and public perception of the building. Understanding the discipline completely is an Architect’s duty.

While the above ‘structural gymnastics’ example is relevant and easily understood, I may touch on many theoretical concepts that are not easy to comprehend how they would impact architectural design, but then I wouldn’t cover them if they were actually irrelevant.  While you as a reader might not consider such theoretical view points when it comes to your project, in most cases it is the final aesthetic that determines the mood which a project projects and is thus a very important aspect of a building’s longevity.

I hope you find my blog enjoyable. ~Nicholas Buccalo

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