Listed here are a variety of recommendations from our clients.  
Without our clients the success we have enjoyed over these many years would not be possible. We are very proud of all of the projects we’ve been called to and the people we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

“I am in the midst of renovating my home and will be converting it to a three-family dwelling, as well.  Mr. Nick Buccalo is my architect.  In retrospect, I can truthfully say how delighted I am to have finally found (and I interviewed/consulted with about a half dozen architects before selecting Nick) such an exceptional professional and fine human being in Nick Buccalo.
In addition, I have found him to not only be absolutely brilliant in his area of expertise, but humble, genuine and not lacking in the common touch.  Nick is truly an answer to prayer and I sometimes kiddingly ask him where he’s hiding his wings and that I know he’s really an angel in man’s clothing.
In my book, Mr. Nick Buccalo is not the best architect… he’s the only architect!”
Vinny DeSiano, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY, Multi-family Townhouse Gut Renovation

“My experience was awesome from start to finish. If you’re looking for an honest and experienced architect that has a genuine desire, to not only make a living, but also to be fair, look no further. I spoke to him after receiving VERY high quotes from other architects on this site, regarding some violations which where in my two family home. Many of the quotes were given without a walk thru of my home. Nicholas refused to even give me an estimate until he had done a complete walk thru of my property ( for a very reasonable price).
After the walk thru, he gave me SEVERAL options to remedy my problem! He also gave me wonderful suggestion as well, completely free of charge. Nicholas  even spoke to some expeditors before coming out to inquire if he even needed to come out and make me waste my money because I am on a fixed budget.  Very professional from start to finish. I highly recommend. My experience was more than refreshing considering the fact that many of the architects that I had called prior to Nicholas, just threw out ridiculous quotes without even properly accessing my issues.”
L. Harrison, Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY; As recommended on Yelp.

“I have been searching for an architect for quite some time and have called numerous places around the NYC area. Nick was by far the kindest, most helpful architect/interior designer I have come across. He offered to go above and beyond for me and that made all the difference. You can tell he is a trustworthy, genuine man. If you are looking for an architect, or a second opinion on ideas/renovations for your home, I would highly recommend speaking with Nick.”
Kara L., Hoboken, NJ; Condo Renovation; As recommended on Yelp.

“Nick is extremely thorough from the first initial email all the way to communicating with expediter, engineer, and Department of Buildings. He walked us step-by-step in each phase of the renovation process. His drawings are precise and he takes great care to be as accurate as possible. I’ll update again after we hear back from the DoB, but so far, I’d HIGHLY recommend SimpleTwig!”
Tina S., Midwood, Brooklyn, NY; Condo Renovation;  As recommended on Yelp.

“When buying our house in Brooklyn, Nick Buccalo was an invaluable help. As as Architect, Mr. Buccalo was able to guide us through the process of our Townhouse “gut” renovation. We, as a family of four, have been living happily in the house for the last five years. During the renovation, not only was he able to provide us with an outstanding design, he was always there to help keep the costs down and the project moving forward.  He was always committed to the best possible outcome and never settled for anything less. He also had fantastic contacts in building industry.   Whenever I  meet someone who is thinking about using an architect, I always describe the great experience we had with Nick and send them directly to his office.”
Don D., Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY; Full gut renovation on 2 family townhouse. As recommended on Yelp.

“This is the kind of project I had hoped and expected to see today during my visit to Harvard University. What an outstanding job”
Stanley Tigerman, Architect

“I recommend working with Mr. Buccalo, who is a very practical and fantastic architect. He’s extremely professional and has worked on many projects around the country. He has a wonderful ability to listen and understand the needs and desires of the client. His imagination and flexibility added greatly to the overall success of the exterior and interior architecture of a recently completed project. His precise specifications and management added significant value to the bidding process and allowed the client to do the project at a reasonable cost with competent contractors. All in all, Mr. Buccalo’s ability to provide not only an aesthetically pleasing product, but also a very functional one, added to the ease in which our team was able to deliver a well-managed and stellar finished product to the client”.
K. Turner, President, Design Solutions, LLC, New York City. As recommended on LinkedIN.

“Nicholas and I have been colleagues for many years and while I’ve always admired his work; my admiration has only grown over time. His professionalism and skill are at a very high level. As president of the New York Society of Renderers, Nic managed the organization with extreme deftness, while simultaneously continuing to produce his beautiful artwork and successfully run his own business; not an easy thing to do.”
T. W. Schaller, Owner,  New York City. As recommended on LinkedIN.

“It was the story of Chicken Little and the sky was truly falling. Papers to get the job going had not been filed by the people who told me” not to worry”, and we had to sign a surrender agreement to vacate our current rental. Clearly this job was going nowhere and “end time” was not in the forecast. And then came Nick Buccalo and NJBArchitects (aka SimpleTwig™ He should have been the first person we hired, instead of the last, but that is my caveat to all of you out there considering a renovation. Do not pass go until Nick has seen project.”
“It is a pleasure to work with Nick. To me it is like buying insurance which allows me to sleep at night. From the beginning when he came on board, he “got the job done”. Plans were drawn up, submitted, and building permits obtained within ten days. He knows what he is doing and he is good at it. Nick has a very calming manner. He doesn’t get ruffled. His low-keyed approach helped turn the volume down on my own distress. I was able to call him with questions, and he would calmly solve each problem. He was there. I can’t stress how important this is. The ultimate proof of how I felt about Nick was that I hired him to oversee the rest of the job.”
“So, if you see an apartment, penthouse or house you like , but it needs work, bring Nick before you even bid. It will be the best decision in the entire process. As you can tell, it is my pleasure to recommend him, without reservation.”
Lynn & Michael Lawrence; 320 East 57th Street, Penthouse; New York, NY

“Kindness is very hard to find but I was lucky to find a very kind Architect who knows how to make you live nightmare free. Nick Buccalo showed me step by step how to legalize my one family house into a two family house which was completed by a previous contractor. I was living with nightmares until I talked with Gamill Engineering who recommended me to a very kind Architect, Nicholas J. Buccalo. Nick guided me through the process of getting a new certificate of occupancy by drawing up plans, compiling a simple list of corrections, getting a work permit, reviewing construction progress and answering questions from the New York City Building Inspector which help secured our approval. I feel that Nick was more of a partner to me than an Architect. I recommend Nick to anyone who wants to sleep at night.”
H. Alfaoieh, 106 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

“You’ve done a fine job considering the situation I found myself in. We couldn’t of made it through the tangled legal mess without you and yet end up with something so beautiful for me and my daughter. Thanks for all your help.”
Harvey Keitel, Actor, Tribeca, New York City

“Mr. Buccalo delivered such well executed and accurate drawings of Carnegie Hall that we were able to hand them directly to the manufacturer for production, which resulted in a significant savings of time, money and effort.”
Charles Gwathmey stated regarding Mr. Buccalo’s work on the Carnegie Hall Restoration.

“Mr. Buccalo has a beautiful command of the medium of architecture.”
Philip Johnson, Architect, New York, NY

Nick is a fountain of talent and intellect. Combined with his dedication to his profession as an architect, Nick’s collective skills, particularly his specialized talent in architectural illustration, are a unique combination of abilities which consistently yield outstanding results. Nick is also very service oriented and a pleasure to work with. His passion for his profession is evident with every facet of his work.
L. Langebrake, Owner, LDG Architecture + Design, PLLC, Washington, DC. As recommended on LinkedIN.


“Nicholas Buccalo capitalized on modeling and rendering power of ArchiCAD for a presentation of Lujazui-Shanghai Office.”
Architecture Magazine


“I am writing this letter to commend you on the quality of your product and service…you were kind enough to furnish additional versions of our site rendering which allowed us the latitude to utilize this drawing in many ways…It has been a pleasure.”
Gilbert Retrey, RA ASID, Campus Facilities Officer. Kingsboro Community College, Brooklyn, NY.


“it is really something else to see a company who can create such stunning visuals from the results of these models. Amazing quality, i am sure there are a few rendering engines working overtime under your roof, but they don’t run by themselves. Impressed. “
N. Bowm Consulting; New Zealand.


“My husband and I met with Nick because we wanted some ideas on how to make small changes to a newly bought property, we were very impressed by the unique ideas as well as the professionalism. I’d strongly recommend Nick to my friends and family.”
E. Zogu, Brooklyn, NY; Brighten Beach Project. . As recommended on Google Maps.


What an honest company!!! I called and asked for advice about an ECB violation and he took the time to explain to me what to do and told me how to take care of it, without any benefit to himself. Very considerate of him. It’s so rare to find someone so helpful and honest.
Bill E., Irvine, CA; As recommended on Yelp.


“I am writing to say that I was very impressed by the quality of work in your portfolio. I have your website bookmarked so that I can visit it from time to time for inspiration. “
Dan O, Architect (name removed to respect Google search results)


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