Search results on Google have never looked better.

As many people close to me know, over the last few months I’ve been rebuilding my business from the ground up, with of course a new name, SimpleTwig. It has been quite a journey, and one that is far from over, but some results are looking rather great.

Background: Some of the problems I was having with my old rendering company name, The Drawing Studio, is that people were using variations of it for their business name, one company in the Cayman Islands even copying it exactly (here), or universities launching their own ‘drawing studio’ for students (like here), a thing I really didn’t object to it being used in an academic situation.

Further, with the international recognition of my work, I was getting others stealing my client list verbatim, and still others stealing my rendering images representing them as their own (can you believe that? that is deprived). It makes you wonder if you were to hire some foreign company (where most of the issues occurred) if you were hiring them, or actually hiring what you thought was me. Finally, our website was attacked with malware, so that visitors would be greeted with a warning from Google stating to not visit that site even as I was paying Google for AdWords.

New Name: Well SimpleTwig solves a lot of those problems on many levels. First it is a Trade Marked name fully registered and protected internationally. Second we have security measures in place if someone were to try to attack us, or reuse our images, we would be able to track them to their location and take legal action. Third, we are looking really good if you were to do a google search of SimpleTwig. Take a look…

While our focus has been on setting up our web presence, image, company information and the like, we are also in the process of rebuilding our libraries of texture maps and models that have made our projects of a higher quality than our competitors. Along with this is a ramping up of all things leading to an advertising blitz which should start in the Fall of 2011. We are so looking forward to it and those visiting us for the first time, or returning from the past, will find a ever growing and changing company before their eyes. Stay tuned and wish us luck.

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