Welcome to SimpleTwig where ‘every nest starts with a simple twig…’
Our motto reflects our mission, through thoughtful consideration of each aspect of a project, along with taking each step in a logical progression, our process helps ensure the success of every project including the financial success of our clients and contractors by providing them with the answers and solutions they need.  We do NOT believe in ‘errors and omissions’ and leave that to the rushed, lazy and sloppy professionals we hope you avoid.
We accept clients whose projects are of any size, whether it is for a mixed-use development or a bathroom addition, we are here to help people.
Our clients are highly valued to us as they make our passion for architecture a reality. They are the first and most important twig in the next project we realize together. Without our clients, there is no nest.
Our Architectural design and construction experience spans a large programmatic rainbow, from an Art Museum in Indiana, to the New York City Stage at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, to a small residential renovation project in Brooklyn, NY.  Each projects gets that same concerted effort to ensure it is the best it can be within the clients budget.  If their hopes and dreams exceed the budget, we help by establishing priorities and creating a master plan to ensure that future components will fit seamlessly.
We understand that the process can seem daunting to a client who hasn’t used an Architect before. This is why we take special care in explaining the process step by step, assisting the client in hiring other speciality consultants that also have this same attitude, and, making sure our drawings reflect everything that a contractor will need, to drastically lessen the stress during construction.  The last thing a client needs is a contractor in a panic because something doesn’t fit and they need an answer now.  ‘Change Orders,’ a common practice to fix errors are really not part of our process and should only be a last resort, as they have time and cost ramifications to our clients.
Our fee reflects only the amount of work we have to do within the estimated time it will take to do it.  We do not have generic fees that apply to every project or based generically on square footage.  We will find the least expensive pathway to help our clients achieve their goal.


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