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It's softball time again for the Summer 2009 SEASON!

Be sure to see the schedule for important dates, and SignUp! May 29th is the signup deadline. $50.00/season; Ages 6-9 and 10-13.

The BYA Baseball program is an all inclusive summer program. Everyone is welcome to join up and have fun. The core of the program is located in Carroll Park, Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. Our mission is to give kids a positive experience in their youth so that they'll be better people when they grow up, and what better activity than baseball to do just that.


The BYA will help teach your child the basics of BaseBall when they're not even sure what it's all about. Your child will learn to hold, swing, and drop the bat after they hit the ball (no strikes).

They will learn how to hold their glove to catch all types of balls and where to stand in the field and why. They will learn the value of team work and expressing a positive spirit on the field with other players.

They learn how to support their team mates and show good sportsmanship. But what's most important, they learn how to have fun, and how to be part of a group and community.


With all the basics firmly established, you should see how well these older kids do on the field. They make the plays, work together and show great concentration.

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Weather Condition: Play Ball, If a game is cancelled, we will try and post the info here asap depending on the Webmaster's availability and conditions outside. 90° and over practice will be cancelled.

NEWS: The 2009 Season about to get started. We're on schedule and will be meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays for softball practice and games at 5:55 PM on the field. See the SCHEDULE link for specific dates and additional details.