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  • In 1993 Mr. Nicholas Buccalo founded The Drawing Studio to reflect our then 13 years of experience creating professional conventional media renderings in ink, watercolor, pencil and other media. Quickly we adopted integrating digital tools into our work which evolved into fully colored digital renderings. Pushing the limitations of digital technology and receiving many awards and recognition as a result. As time passed, we found other up start companies actually stealing our images and client lists for their own promotional efforts as well as experiencing attacks on our website. It has been quite a journey since then but hasn't stopped us from impacting the rendering profession in a positive way, including Nicholas Buccalo's election as President of the New York Society of Renderers, Inc. in 2000, works archived in the United States Library of Congress, and many other significant accomplishments, transforming our service into the professional organization you see today.
  • Fast forward to 2010 and we've decided to rename The Drawing Studio to SimpleTwig Rendering to reflect our new attitude to digital media and commitment to producing the worlds best renderings, and you could say, to throw off our competition from our trail. What you will find at SimpleTwig Rendering is the same commitment of producing renderings shed in the best possible light, that are honest and convincing. We won't hide your project behind layers of smoke and mirrors but instead will reflect an honest appreciation of the unique character of each project and the context each building sits in. This ability isn't something that can be programmed through software or taught at school, it is an ability the evolves from the love of art and architecture and echoed in the skill of Nicholas Buccalo, who at the age of 6 was disqualified from a drawing competition because his work was too good for a 6 year old (his first interior perspective was that of a library). Coupled with a love of Art, a degree in Art History, a professional Architect's license, Mr. Buccalo's is fully commitment to his clients goals and fully capable of achieving them.
  • You are always welcome to use our old company name The Drawing Studio, which is still legally viable.
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