Maze Design

Part of a Resort Garden, we were asked to design a low hedge in the form of a maze, making it embody the spirit of the outdoors and embracing a family fun atmosphere.  With that, SimpleTwig Architecture proposed the following where animals, a bear, raccoon, seal, beaver and gofer all interact in a whimsical composition.

While it is a small maze, it incorporates one of my favorite features of maze design, that is a path that seems to return into an area that has already been explored, throwing the user into a state of confusion.  While not as effective in such a small maze, it still offers a heightened experience which reinforces the fun nature of walking through a maze.

Maze design by SimpleTwig for Resort Garden.

In order to ensure it would read properly from the resort balcony, we included a digital rendering.  The maze consist of low hedges set on a gravel bed, flanked by masonry walls and the resort grounds itself.


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