Welcome to Life

It’s simple, you are here, and let me be the first, after  perhaps your family to say “welcome to life.”  Yes, you.  That person sitting there reading this blog post.  You belong to the greatest thing in the universe, yes you.  You, along with every other citizen, are playing an important role in helping humanity learn about who we are, where they are, and how we belong to this greatness we call life.

You think I am contributing to that? Yes of course you are, and in a very real way.  For if you’ve heard of Albert Einstein, you and others that lived during his period, helped him make his discoveries, for everyone before, and those after have all played a part in each other’s lives.  That, if Albert were to make his own clothing, that he would spend time gathering up material and making it useful for clothing, and that he did not do this, but someone did this for him, allowing him to move in another useful way to help the person who made the clothing understand something about the universe, and in that way they helped each other, for it isn’t just the gathering of materials to make clothing that helped, but it is the people who moved the material, who planted the material, who fed those who did that, and who grew the food to be harvested and formed into the food they ate.  You see, your life is part of everyone else’s, and their’s is a part of yours, and it is this fabric of society that creates the circumstance where we can move in a positive direction to help the conditions of everyone.

And when someone decides to make a whole in that fabric, society patches that hole, no matter how great a whole it is, or how long it takes to mend, for we as a people will never tolerate those who wish destruction, greed, or death upon others, for they create holes that disrupt people’s inherent right to a good life.

And there you are, now appreciating that you are important, important enough for me to say ‘I welcome you as a brother, sister, father and mother, as a part of who I am, and as an important part of those around me.  Let your life be useful and happy, and let others embrace you with open arms throughout your journey as I do.  Welcome to life, welcome to the earth, welcome to the universe.  Let no one forget your contribution as I will forever be grateful to those before me, and will strive to help those who come after me, understand a little about the world they now live in.’

The cycle of life is something that everyone experiences. When you look at a grandmother walking down a street, or an 8 year old, appreciate the knowledge that they both know that they will have to face their own death. It is no different for anyone else. The only difference is are the attitudes that people choose for themselves and how that affects their own lives.

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