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SimpleTwig™ Architecture.llc is a full service architecture firm based in Brooklyn since 1993. We are dedicated to design excellence, specializing in understanding a variety of program types, unique contextual circumstances and a range of budget constraints to always create a fulfilling contemporary and sustainable solution for every project. As a true Architectural Design firm, we paint vision into reality with the warm glow of light. Let us visualize the possibilities given your needs and bring them to life.

Mr. Buccalo, principal of SimpleTwig Architecture.llc provides services locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for residential, retail, office, commercial and, mixed-use projects, as well as having extensive experience for museums, academia, theaters, music performance halls, institutional projects, rental properties, multiple dwelling complexes, and individual townhouses. Skilled and experienced in all types of construction classifications including new construction, additions, renovations, restorations, rehabilitations, reuse and landmarks projects.

Located in New York City, SimpleTwig works on projects around the world, from the smallest locally to some of the worlds largest projects. To see our projects visit our architecture portfolio.


“If a designer can not draw, they should be a designer. There is a direct link between one’s cognitive ability to conceptualize and one’s ability to put those thoughts down on paper. All too often those who are acclaimed to be ‘great’ are actually the wealthy who have done little besides the setting up of a business, letting others set the tone of the actual projects, and use clients to experiment with a personal style or if none a fleeting idea, usually a echo of something they saw somewhere. My clients deserve better, to have a project, considering their investment, that is custom to their site and program, that answers the fundamental question ‘is this the best the project can be?’ In this way it is my sincere desire to provide the best in design in all its aspects directly to the client.” ~Nicholas Buccalo




SimpleTwig Rendering has been providing digital illustration services to Architects and Developers for over 40 years, Mr. Buccalo’s ability being reflected in the multitude of publications his works have appeared in, including the New York Times, Architecture Magazine, Archaeology Magazine, Nest Magazine, A+U Magazine and many others.

Combining his 2nd degree from OSU in Art History, and, life-time of drawing experience, which includes portraits, landscapes and streetscapes, Mr. Buccalo has developed the care and skill for establishing the best atmosphere for each project he renders, helping it get built.




If anything, our history reflects the multitude of times people have put their trust in SimpleTwig and Nicholas Buccalo. Let the following be their vote of confidence.


  • Best Adaptive Reuse for Irving Market Project, Brooklyn, NY. 2017 by BUILD Magazine.
  • AIP 19, Award of Excellence; 200 West 19th Street Condominium; Architect: CKArchitects.
  • AIP 18, Award of Excellence; West Point Library, Architect: STV, Inc.;
  • Life Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Imagery.
  • AIP 14, Award of Excellence; The Hohokem Compound at Pueblo Grande, Archaeology.
  • AIP 13, Award of Excellence; Villa Capri in Landscape, Capri, Italy, Self-commissioned.
  • AIP 12, Award of Excellence; Lujiazui-Itochu Tower, Shanghai, China, Architect: Sydness Architects.
  • AIP 11, Acknowledgement; American Business Ctr, Shanghai, China, Ritchie & Fiore Architects.
  • Chicago Tribune’s Cabrini Green Housing International Competition, Honorable Mention.
  • Washington Street Facade Competition, Winner, Harvard University.


  • JARA Exhibition 2000 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • AIP-19, 18, 14, 13, and 12 National traveling exhibition for American Society of Architectural Illustrators.
  • Nation Archives at the Library of Congress record of one of the first computer delineation illustrations archived.
  • Harvard University, Graham Gund Hall: Graphite Sketches of Cambridge & Boston.
  • Library of Congress, Washington DC;
  • White House Museum and Publication.


  • Noted Individuals
    • Director of the New York Philharmonic Kurt Masur,
    • Actor Harvey Keitel,
    • Edward Schlossber and Caroline Kennedy,
    • OSU Football Coach Woody Hayes,
  • Private, Corporate and Governmental
    • ABC Studios,
    • Archaeology Magazine,
    • AT&T Corporation,
    • Carnegie Hall,
    • Disney Inc.,
    • Durst Organization,
    • FBI,
    • FDA,
    • Hudson Properties,
    • Hines, Inc.
    • IBM, Inc.,
    • Lincoln Center,
    • National Gallery of Art,
    • New York City Development Corporation,
    • Sothebys,
    • South Bend Art Museum,
    • and many others.
  • College and Universities
    • Columbia University,
    • Harvard University,
    • Kingsboro College,
    • Ohio State University,
    • Tufts University,
    • United States Military Academy at West Point,
    • Yale University.


  • Master Planning: Chief designer for a multitude of projects around the world including in Prague, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Brisbane, New Jersey, Ohio, California, New York and elsewhere.
  • Tent City Residential Project: Chief design for the multi-building project in the East End of Boston near Copley Square and the John Hancock tower. The project had it’s own road, several courtyards, a mid-rise and many townhouse buildings with a parking garage spanning the entire site. As designer, it was my task to develop the entire project from circulation/use, to structure, to unit layouts/counts/square footages, to amenities, to retail space, public lobby, offices, community center and a day care, as well as the overall character and look of the project.  When Mr. Buccalo completed this task, within one month, the project went to the Construction Document department where it was realized and is standing today.  Tent City had a major positive impact in the neighborhood it resides in, bringing new life that triggered the neighborhoods redevelopment making it a popular destination.
  • Office Tower Design:  Working for world renown architect Philip Johnson and John Burgee, Mr. Buccalo was their chief designer for all their projects coming into their office.  From the American Exposition Pavilion on 5th and 42nd, to Takashimaya on 5th, to the Sacramento project, the Check Point Charlie project in Berlin, to MacArthur Centre in Brisbane, or 8th and Figuroa office tower in LA, Mr. Buccalo was instrumental in bringing both concept and realization to bear on these and many more projects.
  • IBM: Worked directly with IBM’s software development team to incorporate their new Virtual Reality technology with our work to produce a walk through of their new corporate headquarters.
  • Carnegie Hall: Working with Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, and Cardinal Conservation to produce the drawings of Carnegie Hall’s impressive facade.
  • Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center: Designed and was Project Architect for the acoustical upgrading of the performance stage for Kurt Masur and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • AirRail: Produced the drawings that secured the contract for AirRail Link, New York’s new light rail system that connected JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport.
  • West Point: Did the drawings that secured the commission for the new Jefferson Hall Library for the USMA at West Point Military Academy, meeting deadlines before the Generals who reviewed the project, would be shipping out to Afganistan for duty.
  • New Victory Theater and 42nd Street Redevelopment: Proposed and did the reconstruction of the stoop, which was torn down decades earlier, for the New Victory Theater, helping initiate the revitalization of 42nd Street and Times Square into the wonderful place it is today.
  • Gowanas Canal: Proposed to the city a system to help clean the Gowanas Canal which help them initiate an investigation, leading to the now Super Fund for the area to clean up years of neglect and polution. The impetus was that it could be a valuable economic asset to the city.


The McNeil-Leher Newshour: Cabrini Green Housing Proposal Honorable Mention for design submitted by Nick Buccalo, Chicago, Illinois. The broadcast discussed the various schemes including Mr. Buccalo’s proposal.


MSNBC News: Discussion on the JFK to Laguardia Airport rail connection with AirRail Illustrations Featured. STV, Inc. & Bombadare.



NBC Nightly News: Discussion on the JFK to Laguardia Airport rail connection with AirRail Illustrations Featured. STV, Inc. & Bombadare.


Crosswalks, New York City Today: NYC Council Committee on Land Use featured several AirRail Illustrations done for STV, Inc. & Bombadare.



  • Nest Magazine: Every Room Tells a Story, Tales, by Joseph Holtzman, Distributed Art Publishers, Inc., NYC.
  • GSD News: “Berkeley School of Music” project, Nicholas Buccalo interviewed about his project design.
  • GSD News: “Boston World Trade Tower” project, Nicholas Buccalo interviewed about his project design.
  • New York Times:
    • New York Times > Real Estate Section 9; Sun., 12.01.96. Eastbridge Landing Condo on 2nd Avenue, Manhattan. Image.
    • New York Times > NYT Real Estate Sec. 11, page 7; Sun., 11.02.97. 8th & 54th Condominium. Image.
    • New York Times > Real Estate Section 9; Sun., 6.20.99. Feature: Kraft Center, Columbia University. Image.
    • New York Times > Real Estate Section 11, Sun., 4.7.02. Cover Feature: Launching a Flotilla of Ferry Terminals. Image.
    • New York Times > NYT Real Estate Section 11, Sun., 6.30.02: Feature: 2 Residences Planned for Roosevelt Island. Image.
    • New York Times > Real Estate Section; Sunday, 06.27.99. Article on the Hudson River Studios.
    • New York Times > Real Estate Section; Thursday, 07.11.98. Article on the Hudson River Studios.
  • AIP-11 > Architecture in Perspective 11, ASAI, Lujazui Office Tower, Shanghai, China; Award of Excellence. Rockport Publishers. Image.
  • AIP-12 > Architecture in Perspective 12, ASAI, Lujazui Office Tower, Shanghai, China; Award of Excellence. Rockport Publishers.
  • AIP-13 > Architecture in Perspective 12, ASAI, Capri Landscape; Award of Excellence. Rockport Publishers. Image.
  • AIP-14 > Architecture in Perspective 12, ASAI, Pueblo Grande Reconstruction; Award of Excellence. Rockport Publishers.
  • Architectural Record; News Brief/Digital Perspective/Article; “Former Johnson Burgee partner wins Shanghai project” 06/1997, Page 44. Lujazui – Shanghai Office. Image.
  • Architectural Record; 3 Digital Perspectives by SimpleTwig Featured; 07/1997, Page 21. Image.
  • Architectural Record; Record News Section; “STV Named Designer for JFK Airport’s Long-Awaited Rail Link” 11/1999, Page 43: TWA Terminal Platform renderings by SimpleTwig. Image.
  • Architecture Magazine: Housing Reforms; Article: Computers: Software, Simple to Slick. August 1997, Vol. 86, No. 8, Page 51. Pub. by BPI Communications. Image.
  • Archaeology Magazine: 50th Anniversary Series; Issue: Celebrating The Human Past, Image.
  • Archaeology Magazine; Issue: Ancient Games: The World of the Olympic Athlete. Reconstruction of Pueblo Grande. Image.
  • The Art of Architectural Illustration III by Gordon Grice. Pub. by Rockport Publishers. Digital Illustrations, Pages 38 to 43. SBN:1.56496.591.0. Gloucester, MA. Jan. 2000. Rockport Publishers. Image.
  • Yokohama Port Terminal Design: Burridge Index; Vol. 5, Burridge Index Corp. Detail. SimpleTwig (previously known as The Drawing Studio), Brooklyn, NY. Image.
  • Calliope: The Doges of Venice; Reconstruction by SimpleTwig of Venetian Foundation System. Published by Cobblestone Pub.; 03/97, Vol. 7, No. 4. Image.
  • Columbus Citizen Journal, 8 > Business First Section, March 12, 1999, Page 9. OSU Gateway Competition for Madison Marquette and Towne Properties. Image.
  • Columbia College Today; Art Hum in the 21st Century; Vol, 23, No. 1, Pg. 8.; Pub. by Columbia University. Image. This project is built and occupied.
  • Architecture Magazine: Housing Reforms; Ad; 3 Digital Perspectives Featured August 1997; Vol. 86, No. 8, Page 51; Pub. by BPI Communications. Image.
  • Architecture Magazine: Architects in the Illustration Age: Graphisoft, Design and Illustration by SimpleTwig. Project: Shanghai, China. Image.
  • La Casa Concorso Piu’ Bella Di Architettura Del Mondo; Ideal Villa in Landscape; Pub. by Edilstampa. Design and Illustration by SimpleTwig. Image.
  • Nest Magazine; Issue 2, Dance With Buatta, pages 130-133.Digital illustrations by SimpleTwig featuring an interior designed by Mario Buatta. Detail-1Detail-2Detail-3.
  • Nest Magazine; Issue 5, Summer 1999, Philip Johnson Redressed, Pages 110-113. Image.
  • Nest Magazine: Reconstruction of the c 1870 Blue Room at the White House. Image. The digital images are in the White House Museum today and can be found in our Rendering Portfolio.
  • Nest Magazine: Summer, Issue 9-Hotel Eden. Page 190-191.
  • NYSR Portfolio of Architectural & Interior Rendering; Digital Perspectives, No. 4. Image. Mr. Buccalo was the design director and coordinator for this publication.
  • New York Society of Renderers, Inc. Newsletter, Spring 2003. Written by Nick Buccalo. Compiled & Contributions by Scott Baumberger. Image.
  • Convergence (Go to Help > Survey I, II, III for Article) Article: Survey of Illustrators, Part I; Pub. by American Society of Architectural Perspectivists, by Nicholas Buccalo. Image.
  • A+U Magazine; Feature: Philip Johnson; Guest Quarters for Lewis House; Volume No. 259. Image.
  • NYSR Portfolio of Architectural & Interior Rendering; Digital Perspectives, NYSR. 1996, No. 3. Image.
  • Oculus: Cover of AIA’s, New York Chapter Oculus: December Issue. Image.
  • Oculus: AIA’s, New York Chapter Oculus: April Issue; Philadelphia National Bank Illustration.



BIOGRAPHY: Nicholas Buccalo

Mr. Buccalo’s (pronounced ˈbuck-ka-lōw ) depth of experience as the lead designer and project architect for many national and international firms reflects the credibility of his abilities.

Chief Designer at Philip Johnson John Burgee Architects, Masters of Architecture recipient from Harvard University, project architect for Studio Einauldi in Rome, Mr. Buccalo never fails to deliver the right solution, on budget, well planned and executed quickly every time, for Owners, Architects and Developers.


Nick Buccalo is standing on the far right


  • SimpleTwig Architecture.llc
    • Principal Architect. Launched in 1993. Mr. Buccalo provides services for all types of Residential including Hospitality (hotels and resorts), Retail, Commercial, Office and Mixed-Use projects in new construction, renovations, reuse, restorations.
  • Hardy Holtzman Pfeiffer Associates
    • Project Architect & Designer for the New Victory Theater, Times Square, and, Stone Mill Residential Development in Tuckahoe, NY.
  • Philip Johnson & John Burgee Architects
    • Project Architect & Designer. Lincoln Center Avery Fisher Hall (NYC), America’s Exposition Pavilion (NYC), Brisbane Tower (Australia), Check Point Charlie Business Center (Berlin), Prague Center Master Plan, Boyd Medical Center (Houston), Figeroa Office Tower (Los Angeles), Capitol Mall Office & Hotel Tower Complex (Sacramento), Takashimaya on 5th Avenue (NYC) and others.
  • Huygens DiMella Schaffer Architects
    • Project Designer and Construction Administration. Northwoods Office Tower, Digital Equipment Corporation Headquarters, Thirwood Place Housing Complex, Ipswich Country Club and Golf Resort.
  • Goody Clancy Associates
    • Project Designer. Tent City Residential Complex, Boston, MA.
  • Trott & Bean Architects
    • Project Designer. A variety of projects including single family home design, shopping centers and renovations, mall design, academic facilities and office buildings.


  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
    • Advanced Placement Program, Masters of Architecture Degree
  • Ohio State University, School of Architecture & Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree
    • Art History Degree


  • Massachusetts Bay Community College, Guest Lecturer: Topics: Architectural History, 3 series.
  • Harvard University, Faculty Research Assistant for Dr. Edward Sekler on Architectural & Structural Technology.
  • Columbia University, Guest Critic 4th year Design Studio final. Tufts University, Guest Critic 2nd year Design Studio final.
  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Architectural drawing (8 wks), developed and taught drawing class.


  • Articles/Papers including ASAI Survey of Illustrators;
  • “Baroque Rome”;
  • “The Architectural Works of Guarino Guarini”;
  • “Virtual Reality”, Graham Foundation Fellowship;
  • Set In Stone, Early Civilization and an Understanding of Architecture. WikiVersity Project. In collaboration with mathematician A. Bart.
  • Various articles on our SimpleTwig blog, some studies and comparisons, others new technology related.


Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; NCARB (Architect); AIA; New York Society of Renderers (former President); American Society of Architectural Illustrators; Post.Harvard Member; MyArchN Org. Member; Sustainable Urban Development Org.; NY Historical Society; HarvardGSD Alumni Society; Bellbrook Alumni Community; MOMA; Asia Society; The Met; What Counts Now (Founder); BYA (Assistant).


  • Brooklyn Youth Association, (Assistant and Coach),
  • What Counts Now Organization, Young Adult Organization (Founder),
  • New York Society of Renderers, Inc. (President),
  • United States Symphony Orchestra (member),
  • NCR Symphony Orchestra (member),
  • Cumberland College Orchestra (member).






SimpleTwig™ is a registered trademark. All text, images, illustrations, photos or other written or visual media are created by SimpleTwig unless otherwise noted. No use without written permission.  The sad fact is we have discovered our images, client list and even our company name being used by others to promote their own business, so be sure you have the correct company and Architect.

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Ocean Image at top of page: Digital image by SimpleTwig shows our capabilities with digital volumetric clouds, sun rays, reflections and wave action, all in motion.

Building Image: SimpleTwig Architecture design and illustration of education and business complex in Beijing, China.

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