Shared Living Suites – Semi-Apartments within an Apartment


This layout option is for the Homeowner, who may not be willing to invest in our ultimate walkup shared living layout which has initial higher upfront costs with a higher return over a longer period of time making it more appropriate for the developer.  This version is more of a straight forward apartment with shared bathroom, kitchen and living rooms with more modest sized suites, the ultimate version to be released soon has individual suites with their own bathrooms and only a shared kitchen, the living areas are within each suite.

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A small renovation doesn’t mean small clients.

We get quite a few clients who want to do a renovation on a budget, if you can call NYC construction prices ‘budget.’  So we provide them with the professional services they need to get them on their way, resulting in a set of Construction Documents that help them obtain bids, a contractor and a work permit to do the work. Along the way we have interacted with all sorts of clients and inquiries…

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