Combining Two Properties or Condominiums in NYC

Property owners, builders, developers, architects, and engineers may request permission from both the Department of Finance and the Department of Buildings to divide (apportion) or merge (combine) lots. Approval depends on several factors including tax and zoning rules. The Department of Finance Tax Map Office is responsible for processing these requests.

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Client Question: How does the permit process work?

On January 1, 2016 at 11:42 PM wrote:

Sorry – still confused. How would the expeditor contact our contractor? They would just give us the permit. So the plans are filed with the asbestos report. The city gives us permits even though work is already done. We show permits and plans to electrician and plumber. They sign off (assuming no issue). Then that goes back to the city and we either get legalized or they ask for site visit?

Is that correct?

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Parental Control for iPhone/iPad, so your child can sleep at night.

Is your child going to bed with their iPhone and/or iPad and texting/chatting with friends when they should be sleeping? Are they just on the device too much during the day, and just won’t put down the device to do something else?  Did you know you can use your Mac (and perhaps your PC) to control the times Wifi is allowed to connect to the device, day and night.

The problem hit home for me when my child kept up another child who’s grades suddenly dropped. She mentioned to me that he was having a hard time at school and was always tired.  Well of course. So despite my efforts to make her understand that texting in the middle of the night might hurt her and others, I was put in a position of having to take direct action and control of the situation which had quickly got out of hand.

With the following simple step-by-step instructions, one can set time limits on a daily basis as to when all your devices can connect to the internet, thus making time for other activities, like running, jumping, laughing and family time. You’ll be able to control school night times and weekend times, giving you back the control any parent should always have. Gone are the arguments, the pleading and the rest, resulting in a new reality of a child having to think of something else to do to occupy their time.  Watch how quickly that bedroom gets cleaned up, their willingness to ‘hang out’, etc…

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[web] How To: Non-attached Images in your Email Signature

Inserting images in one’s email signature, that don’t appear as attachments in your email, creates a signature similar to how mine works. This is the information you’ll need to make it work for you. As you can see (if I sent you an email) I have images, that link to different things, and I don’t have any attachments.

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Post 9/11 High-Rise Planning for the Freedom Tower

WORLD TRADE CENTER, 9-11-01 Tragedy and our Design Response.

As an Architect and Architectural Designer, I’ve been very interested in what may develop at the World Trade Center Site. Upon review of the 6 alternatives in the July 11th issue of the New York Times, it is very clear to me just who the Architectural firm was who created the schemes were catering to the Developers of the site.

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