SimpleTwig Philosophy & Mission Statement

SimpleTwig Philosophy:  To provide people with a trustworthy Architect which is committed to helping people realize their goals.  To treat people as if they are family, providing them the care and consideration that every person deserves.

Design Language: To provide an integrated design solution for a modern age. Whether it is incorporating high-tech window systems into Landmarks buildings, like we did with Carnegie Hall, or designing a new building from the ground up, we will incorporate the latest sustainable technology that is most appropriate for each particular project. For new buildings, we lean towards contemporary solutions that still embrace the design lessons of the past in an abstract way to ensure the language of the building reflects its use, i.e. a hotel looks and functions like a hotel, but is on the cutting edge of design.

Design Integration: During the design process of each project, we combine multiple avenues of input (Architecture Language, programming and functionality, efficiency, construction means and methods, context, political considerations including community concerns, new technology, and compositional considerations like: hierarchical relationships, organization, circulation hierarchies, texture, color, detail, and definition of spaces etc.)  and carefully integrated all these into one robust and integrated solution.

Big Picture: In design, one has to have an excellent ‘big idea’ which gives each building an iconographic identity as well as a foundation for further development. Most projects built today lack this foundation. Excellent design helps insure the buildings’ usefulness and longevity by making it flexible and adaptable to future needs, thus saving the client millions when expansion time arrives.  For instance, all academic buildings should be part of both a campus master plan, but also a master plan for its own expansion as demands increase or uses change.  The cost of an addition is much less than having to build an entire new building, and provides the opportunity for new expressions which make a campus much more interesting and intriguing to students and staff.

Budget: We work within each client’s budget, finding the right solution every time.  There are many variables that can increase or decrease a construction budget, like selection of materials, approach of structure, etc.  We always take this into account during the design phase to ensure our projects fit within a client’s budget.  In fact, we make sure the structural component does not absorb the budget since it is generally hidden from view and offers little in architectural expression and experience, so ensure that it provides its needs as efficiently as possible without having a negative impact on the final architectural expression.  This approach helps us ensure there is enough left within the budget to create a beautiful expression.




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