[architecture] Afghan Cultural Centre 14/24

Construction Method Auditorium: While the walls may be built of either reinforced concrete or a steel skeleton, the roof will consist…of steel joists in order to accommodate catwalks and stage lighting. The exterior is clad with steel plates in two finishes as seen in the renderings.

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Electrical and Natural Light:

In order to ensure that no venue be cancelled due to an electrical shortage, each room has daylight including the main auditorium which has an overhead skylight that is normally covered during performances. Further, the auditorium has two large ‘counter-balanced’ sliding doors behind the stage offering spectacular views during lecture, dance performances or other venues as the need and desire warrants. In the exhibition spaces and library, a linear skylight with hanging baffles allows diffused light to graze the back wall, providing high quality day-light illumination for viewing artifacts or doing research.

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