Influencing Change to Make Life Better for Everyone

We go to the polls to cast our vote.  Walking away most of us think it won’t make a real difference, our one vote, as we realize we are relying on millions of people we don’t know to have our common sense and likes.  

It’s a risk we take, having faith in others to think clearly, no matter our position, or there’s for that matter.  Still, there is another way to ‘cast your vote’ and that is with ‘making suggestions’.  I’m not referring to the typically yelling you get from people that want to influence political change because of frustration, yet aren’t willing to actually run for office, but instead, taking the time to look around your own community, seeing problems and suggesting solutions.  It’s not an easy thing to do, that is find a problem, and know that there is a cost effective solution that will yield a better financial result for whomever (and I’m mostly referring to city services), but it can be done and it can result in positive change.




Here I will list some of the things I’ve done to help influence positive change.  You can read more here at our SimpleTwig forum and a few of the things I’ve done in the past: Influencing Change (you may comment below, or register/login to our forum).

But remember, if you actually think you have a good solution for a problem, be sure to make your suggestion to the right people and with the right attitude.  Start with ‘I noticed this situation that is… (dangerous, slowing traffic down, an inconvenience, etc.) and think that by doing ‘x, y, z’ that the city can solve this problem and it won’t cost that much to make happen.’  You can and should also acknowledge the department your contacting and say  anything positive to suggest you do appreciate, as you should, their effort.  After all they are people doing their best under their circumstance.


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