House Addition Project in New Jersey

You may know something isn’t quite right about your house or room, but don’t know exactly what to do to make it better.   Running out of space, things look cluttered, just need a gathering space for family that is informal and inviting? This is where SimpleTwig Architecture steps in.

Well you may not know this but all you have to do is send us a couple of digital photos and we’ll give you our recommendation on how to improve the quality of your home, before you spend your money on a contractor, at a local home improvement store, or loose your time creating something that ends up just as bad as the original situation.

The following is a house addition we designed, details and oversaw in Hackensack, New Jersey. The homeowners wanted to expand in order to create a family room and deck area. I suggested an extension that echoed the lines and profile of the original house and an expansive deck with a trellis to help provide shade and frame their backyard.  Even the window openings reflected the openings on the front porch.  Because of careful sectional design we were able to provide a great room with extra high ceilings and plenty of storage, to meet the needs of this growing family.

House Addition that fits the existing residence in scale, style and material.
House Addition that fits the existing residence in scale, style and material.


I truly believe I left these clients with something they never thought possible given their budget. The trepidation the wife had about the size of the deck quickly faded away when she had guest over and could see for herself the extra space provided everyone with the space they needed to feel comfortable and relaxed.

So when you have an idea to expand, where do you start?

One could say I was there designing their project long before I became an Architect, wondering about spaces and what could be done to improve this or that, even drawing floor plans in 3rd grade to understand buildings and all of their relationships.  For those who are untrained the idea of making a design solution that actually works is a daunting task, despite one’s ego and self-assured confidence. And in today’s world with encouragement from DIY TV shows, who lead people into thinking they can do everything themselves, one should use wisdom to guide themselves and understand that to seek a professional is the right choice.





For instance one certainly wouldn’t preform surgery on themselves, right? So, why would people go out and spend thousands of dollars without at least consulting with a professional?












In our own way, SimpleTwig Architecture is about helping people, starting with our clients which results in helping the environment by not creating designs that do not endure in both style and detail, helping the contractor through well thought out details, and helping your neighbors live in a better community by creating beautiful and respectable structures.

It’s that simple, and the process begins with the first phone call from our clients.




And for those who have an Architect, let us take a quick look anyway to see if what they’re proposing is reasonable and will result in a satisfying building for the foreseeable future. In this respect we can become people’s objective consultant by simply reviewing the drawings, trouble shooting them and answering the question ‘is what is being proposed reasonable?’



Above: Family Room, 2nd Bath and storage and media closets with up lighting. The view from the existing dining room to the backyard has never been better, aligned with the french doors.

If you find yourself in need of a consultation, or an Architect, consider SimpleTwig Architecture.




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