[rendering] Study of Industrial and Military modeling

In celebration of the upcoming D-Day ceremonies, and part of our exploration into digital rendering programs, lets take a look at some SimpleTwig military rendering studies….

These studies were done to see how robust it would be in an industrial infrastructure and/or military application, heavy on details yet still able to be explored in real time.

If you haven’t noticed, on our blog we do a lot of exploring. In this article we are exploring different programs to see what their capabilities are.  The first set, in hidden line mode only, show an industrial harbor setting, with pipes, docks, ships, industrial buildings.

The second set show an airbase in some foreign setting, here to see how responsive a fully developed base would interact with a very large, and explorable, terrain.  The terrain, some 50 square miles, really pushed our computer to the limits.




Airport/Military Base in expansive desert setting (different views of the same model, at different times of day).












I hope you enjoy our images, what do you think?

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