[rendering] Why hire a digital Renderer?

Why do some Architects, typically from smaller offices, don’t want a polished rendering? Are they afraid to commit to a design when in the future they know it will be refined?  Are they afraid that a client will not understand the changes?

Basically they know that they have not flushed out a design, and that it could change, but for some reason they think this is a problem for clients.  Their attitude therefore is a bit of hand-holding towards the client, which may be true for certain aspects of the design profession, but certainly not when it comes to convincing a client that they’ve hired the right Architect.


Preliminary Design Scheme by STV, Inc. – SimpleTwig Rendering


Above: Initial Design Scheme Rendering

Why this is a problem:  A rendering is used to convince the public and a client that your building should get built.  They have 2 basic options when looking at a new project, either accept it or reject it.  If they look at a rendering that seems noncommittal they may conclude that the Architect isn’t sure, so why should they be sure about the project.  In my years I’ve seen the results of noncommittal renderings and the resulting suffering architectural practice, when large firms will not hesitate to get a professional high quality rendering done for their projects.

Original Design Rendering – SimpleTwig Rendering


Why a finished rendering gets projects built.  It’s simple, when a rendering presents itself as ‘not hiding anything’ it is perceived as being honest and straightforward.  Also the public at large will be able to relate to something which reflects ‘real life’ better than something that looks more like ‘art’ or abstract.  If the rendering is finished and polished, it will leave a positive impression of the project in the observers mind.  While a beautifully done watercolor will look great framed and hung on a wall, especially in a residence, it isn’t as practical a solution when one talks about the huge sums of money that will be invested in land, labor and materials to have a project realized.  Also, there is nothing preventing for additional renderings being commissioned to show the progress of a design.

Why a finished rendering means the Architect will be able to make changes and will get their building built:  This is simple too, first the Architect will not be able to make changes if the public doesn’t support their project as there will be no project to work on, and second, by presenting yourself in a confident way you will instill confidence in the public.  The ultimate goal is to get your project built, not engage the public in the design process as that is your job.

Above: Initial Design Scheme Rendering

Take a look at West Point’s Jefferson Hall Library to see what I am taking about.  Above you can see the rendering that convinced everyone that having a library was the right thing to do.  In the following renderings you can see the final design.

Final Design Rendering – SimpleTwig Rendering


You as Architect should focus on the design to make a great building.  I as renderer will focus on creating a positive image that the public will relate to in a positive way.  It is my ability to help Architects get their projects built, by bridging the gap between a concept and reality, that provides the momentum towards completion.

Final Design Rendering – SimpleTwig Rendering


It is my expertise that you are paying for and 30+ years of experience as an artist and architect that has taught me exactly how to achieve that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that regular people can identify with.

The completed building.


We help get buildings built!


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