[rendering] Why hire a digital Renderer?

Why do some Architects, typically from smaller offices, don’t want a polished rendering? Are they afraid to commit to a design when in the future they know it will be refined?  Are they afraid that a client will not understand the changes?

Basically they know that they have not flushed out a design, and that it could change, but for some reason they think this is a problem for clients.  Their attitude therefore is a bit of hand-holding towards the client, which may be true for certain aspects of the design profession, but certainly not when it comes to convincing a client that they’ve hired the right Architect.


Preliminary Design Scheme by STV, Inc. – SimpleTwig Rendering


Above: Initial Design Scheme Rendering

Why this is a problem:  A rendering is used to convince the public and a client that your building should get built.  They have 2 basic options when looking at a new project, either accept it or reject it.  If they look at a rendering that seems noncommittal they may conclude that the Architect isn’t sure, so why should they be sure about the project.  In my years I’ve seen the results of noncommittal renderings and the resulting suffering architectural practice, when large firms will not hesitate to get a professional high quality rendering done for their projects.

Original Design Rendering – SimpleTwig Rendering