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Sorry – still confused. How would the expeditor contact our contractor? They would just give us the permit. So the plans are filed with the asbestos report. The city gives us permits even though work is already done. We show permits and plans to electrician and plumber. They sign off (assuming no issue). Then that goes back to the city and we either get legalized or they ask for site visit?

Is that correct?

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You will provide them with the contact information of the contractor you select.
Please ask the expeditor, especially regarding whether you can act as your own General Contractor, if you choose the do the work yourself.
The plans, forms and asbestos report are filed together. The DOB (NYC Department of Buildings) won’t look at a project without all the required forms and fees.  Then the DOB either approves the plans or rejects them for whatever reason.  If rejected I will correct whatever is required in order to resubmit to the DOB through the expeditor.  The DOB will approve the plans and then you can get a work permit.  Sometimes the expeditor gets this or sometimes the Contractor gets it, just depends.  In your case I would ask the expeditor to get the physical work permit (a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper).
The plumber and electrician can look at non-approved plans so they can give you an estimate, or if they need something changed on the plans like a pipe size, so that what is built matches what is on the plans as required by the DOB.  I recommend you do this before submitting the plans to the DOB because if it is done after approval I will charge you and extra amount to make any changes.  Also, a change after DOB approval requires that the drawings be resubmitted for approval of the change (that part really stinks for even small changes).  I put on the plan what I think the plumbing pipe sizes are, but that doesn’t mean they are correct as I didn’t do an investigation nor am I a plumber or Plumbing Engineer.  I use sizes that meet code.
Obviously when you get approval the plans will state this, and you can give a copy to the plumber and electrician.  The DOB puts a special stamp on the drawings.  You must keep the original copy yourself, do not give this to anyone, but you can make copies of it as required.  With the work permit, the plumber and electrician can make their inspections using the permit number issued on this project, to file the inspections and show that the project is in compliance with code.  When you get all inspections completed, including a final inspection, your project file will be closed at the DOB and you’ll be done.
Eventually your filing for a project will show up on the DOB website to show you had a legal renovation.
When you hire the expeditor they will walk you through the entire process and check to see what else needs to be filed, in terms of inspections, to finalize your project.

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