FlashBack Friday #4: A running fool… :)

I’m a running fool, it’s true.  I ran and ran and ran.  I ran so much that I must of been the inspiration for the Forest Gump scene where he just ran and ran and ran…

Welcome to our FlashBack series, a blast from the past from the path of an architect.

You couldn’t keep me from running, starting early and just running like a fool.  Loved the outdoor and the power of getting somewhere fast under my own power.

1971 Junior High School in Ohiio



1974, I was the only freshman part of the Varsity Cross Country team, here standing next to the coach.
1974, I was the only freshman part of the Varsity Cross Country team, here standing next to the coach.

During senior year in High school, while working summers and getting home by 11:30PM I would throw on my running cloths and go out into the dark for a quick 3 mile run, get home at 12, grab a quick shower and into bed for the next day’s effort.  I must say this did not make me tired, just hungry, very hungry.

1976- Junior.

While I ran cross country, my passion was the 400 M in track where I did pretty well.  I continued to run in college, first at Cumberland College and then Ohio State University but eventually doing all nighters in architecture school took it’s toll on me.  Not that I didn’t try but physically going to practice with no sleep literally left me with no energy for running.  I had reached a fork in the road and had to make a decision.  Before this point, I was running 3 times a day, 5 miles in the morning, 5 at lunch and 8 in the evening or at practice which highlights my commitment, but priorities were starring me in the face and left me with no real option, so I walked up to the coach and outlined my decision.

Now I run a different kind of race, every day, pushing that mouse and still taking walks and stretching whenever I get a chance.  Many of my friends still think of me as a runner and ask how many miles am I putting in… things change, maybe one day I’ll get back out there but even Forest called it quits and he’s Forest.

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