Utility Study [part of ‘City for 50 million’ prototype]

This is a rather mundane study to illustrate one point, that by positioning utility lines in the optimum location, there is a significant savings of material, and thus of maintenance, resulting in cities that can better serve their residents needs.  But positioning of utilities, like telephone, cable, water, sewer, gas, steam and electrical is only part of the puzzle in developing a new urban prototype that will not only accommodate more people in better urban environments, but do so with less cost for maintenance into the future.

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Discover SketchFab 3D: tutorial for ArchiCAD to SketchFab

SketchFab is a great online tool that allows you to view 3D models or buildings, sculptures, people or whatever, with you in control. Whether you model objects or photograph them, you can view and share them easily with friends, clients, consultants or contractors.  For those that do not create 3D material, no need to read the tutorial below, just go to the link listed below and see all the great work that is being photographed in 3D and see what you can discover and explore. UPDATED 12/24/2022.

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A small renovation doesn’t mean small clients.

We get quite a few clients who want to do a renovation on a budget, if you can call NYC construction prices ‘budget.’  So we provide them with the professional services they need to get them on their way, resulting in a set of Construction Documents that help them obtain bids, a contractor and a work permit to do the work. Along the way we have interacted with all sorts of clients and inquiries…

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Client Question: How does the permit process work?

On January 1, 2016 at 11:42 PM wrote:

Sorry – still confused. How would the expeditor contact our contractor? They would just give us the permit. So the plans are filed with the asbestos report. The city gives us permits even though work is already done. We show permits and plans to electrician and plumber. They sign off (assuming no issue). Then that goes back to the city and we either get legalized or they ask for site visit?

Is that correct?

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