[financial] Go ahead, throw your money away! (Expensive Blunder)

What do I mean by designs that are a waste?  Well, some projects waste time, money and resources.  One can imagine a project that isn’t financially successful, has wasted resources, as the longevity and usefulness of the building will be diminished.  I’ve witnessed where a renovation is completed and in 2 years, after the tenant moves out the space is re-renovated. Materials are wasted too, in this day when there are environmental concerns, what’s the point of designing and building something that gets torn down in a couple of years? Continue reading “[financial] Go ahead, throw your money away! (Expensive Blunder)”

How to influence positive change: Gowanas Canal

What a single individual can do…

The city of New York held a competition in 1990 asking people for suggestions on how to improve the city. I entered it submitting my suggestion for returning water flow to the Gowanas Canal which was stagnate for decades, this to repair the bridge between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens in order to take advantage of this special waterway as a place for nature, people and development. Continue reading “How to influence positive change: Gowanas Canal”