New Residential Development in Brooklyn – RETAIL COMPONENT

We’re putting the final touches on a 40 unit residential project in Brooklyn.  It is pretty special in that the project keeps part of an old theater facade and uses it to announce the retail component of the project, through awnings and little local vendors which can casually set up their wares below the awnings.  The extra traffic and attention will be a boost for the anchor tenant who has a commanding view of this important residential corner.

This project is split into 3 articles, released the 8th of September, the 10th and the 12th.

Come on in and we’ll show you around…

As mentioned, the project sits on the intersection of two Avenues in Brooklyn, NY. While not part of a commercial strip, it has two advantages that most developers only wish they could readily find, 1) it is on a busy Avenue, and 2) because of the previous use of the building the developer can put in Retail on the ground floor due to zoning provisions, so we are taking advantage of it.  And why not, retail offers services the people need in residential areas. We’re not talking about heavy foot traffic, the kind one does see on commercial strips, but lite and quiet venue that serves the needs of locals.

The site itself is L-shaped, with this highest ground on the left side and the street sloping down towards the intersection and onward down the other Avenue.  This provided us with two opportunities, 1) to provide a grand entrance for residents on the left that leads directly to a garden, or 2) provide a secondary entrance near the parking garage entrance (article on the parking garage to be released September 12, 8:00 AM.

Besides the grade level garden, we also have a roof terrace, and we’ll have to pull those renderings and plans out for another article.

The main entrance for the retail is situated towards the main commercial strip up the block, thus on the far left side.  The main residential entrance is also located on the far left because the metro station is also located towards the left. Also in front of these two main entrances is a bus stop, meaning there will be plenty of people passing by that might decide to stop in and do a little shopping, after all, if the owner rents out the commercial space he/she wants a financially healthy tenant, one that will stay for decades if possible, and in this way we at SimpleTwig Architecture make sure we understand the ramifications of every decision we make.

Situated on the corner of the property is a salvaged remnant of an old theater, and as mentioned it being used as a stage for local entrepreneurs to casually set up and sell their hand-crafted wares.  This, because every architect knows that it is people that most attracts other people, thus reinforcing the success of the commercial retail space tenant, and thus the success of my client.  Well, at least this Architect knows it.

The primary Lobby and Lounge area is a flexible space, one that can be rented out or hold local art shows and receptions.  In this way this building becomes a part of the community, offering a secure location to host community events without disrupting tenants who can use the secondary entrance into the building (see parking garage article to be released 09/12/2017).  A large storage room off this space ensure that furniture will meet the needs of the event.

As one passes through the main lobby, they come upon the Garden…

For the garden, we position it so that passersby can get a glimpse of it, to add to the character and charm of the neighborhood, and of course to welcome residents as they come home from a hard day at work, greeting them with the calm and tranquility of a zen-like oasis.

While one enters the garden on a raised patio, offering views of the garden, it is the path on the right under a trellis that leads around and down to the far side, and thus provides handicap access without making a fuss, but instead provides an experience of quiet and privacy within the garden. And that is the point, this garden offers both a large area for gatherings of the entire building of 40 units, while providing little small areas where one can read or contemplate.




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