Kitchen Renovation Project

We get a lot of calls for bathroom and kitchen renovations. Often we refer them to other companies given their limited budget.  Not that we’re unwilling to do them but we also don’t want them to spend money on us when with very limited funds it could be spent on materials.

That said, we do design kitchens, bathroom or whatever program element a home owner desires.  This project was special in that it was built for a NYC Police Officer hurt on the job and confined to a wheel chair.  Despite the limited budget we couldn’t say no.

Our kitchen span the spectrum in terms of cost, from projects which spend $85,000 on cabinets alone, to more modest apartment projects spending only a few thousand dollars on cabinets, including a few where ikea kitchens were desired by my clients.  Still, the following project is more typical, nice finishes and woods with granite countertops and tiled backsplash.

Here we see the kitchen cabinets being installed along with electrical work.

Kitchen by SimpleTwig



Kitchen by SimpleTwig

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