New Residential Development in Brooklyn – BATHROOM THEMES

A followup on the Apartment Themes is our Bathroom Themes, together and combined in different ways creates an apartment building, condo or co-op that provides each tenant with a special and unique place they can call home.

We start off this series with the basic themed bathroom.


The basic theme has a couple of variations, with the vanity and with the flooring. We’ll look at the Zebra themed version first. Note that in the above Basic Theme, the vanity is free of the wall, sometimes resting on the floor and sometimes floating above it.

Here the richness of the wood floor and its colors are balanced by a deep blue glass wall. The tub and ceiling is also glass with the tub skirt concealing recessed lighting.

In this version we match the skirt and shower wall, and change the flooring. The ceiling and back wall have integrated lighting strips to provide even illumination versus the direct lighting over the vanity.

In this version of the ‘Basic Theme Bathroom’ the floor is blue to match the walls at both the vanity and bathtub, pulling the ‘ground and walls’ together to allow the ‘sky’ to float above.


While the following themes show subway tile on the side walls, this is modified in our construction documents to be a combination of tile around the shower and sheetrock elsewhere.



This theme is striking in its simplicity. Stark contrast between black and white, with marble tile to link the two halves of the bathroom together, and the glass of the tub, ceiling and mirror wrap the upper portions to create a beautiful reflective and clean room.


The above, with the vanity recessed into the countertop.

Recessed lighting behind the shower glass wall as well as below the tub skirt create a striking yet easy to clean environment that will be maintenance free for decades.  A simple pop-out tray provides access to the LED lights which on average last 3 to 5 years without replacement.



All too often designers pick neutral tones, like beige, gray, white, etc. to ‘appeal to a generalized and conforming public’ as they perceive it.  This is NOT the approach here. This bathroom is for the female who is enjoying living and wants their bathroom to embody their positive spirit, a thing we all could do with here and there.


The tub skirt appears to make the bathtub hover with its recessed LED lighting.  LED behind the glass shower wall provides simple lighting to counter those dark shower stalls we all put up with.


Here the vanity sits above the countertop, as a variation to this theme.  The mirror, full width.

The above, a vanity variation with a recessed sink.



A variation, this theme creates a stark contract tying the two halves of the bathroom together, linked by a glass ceiling whose frosted surface reflects the room in a cloud like way.





A strong statement, the wood theme brings into the bathroom warm earthy tones balanced by stark white to keep that clean feeling.

The dark tones of the floor along with the gray of the ceiling pulls together the two halves of the room into one statement of quality design.  The tub looks like it is hovering with the right skirt and LED lighting effect.  The back shower wall a second variation, the primary wall as noted in the first image to this theme category.


The vanity mirror is large and illuminated for those who want great lighting on their face.

Here the shower wall is horizontal to echo the vanity mirror, with a simple recessed lighting over the tub and below its skirt, the effect is mesmerizing.


These themes will have a significant impact on the value of this property, not only providing tenants with something special in a small space, and we took into account that because it is small better surface materials could be used, but an approach that will also get contractors excited to see and examine the final results, each and for that matter everyone picking out their favorite theme.

It goes without saying that this should be the approach in hotels and resorts, that the change up of materials and approaches can make for a better experience for clients, one that will get them to come back to ‘check out another themed suite’ without being kitschy about the approach.

Each theme leans towards either masculine or feminine, or somewhere in between.  Can you guess which theme moves in which direction?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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