Proper Townhouse Gutter Detail

In order to ensure a dry townhouse for years and decades, one has to properly detail roof connections so that there are at least 2 different systems in place directing running water away from the home.  Here we examine the often overlooked townhouse gutter system which is typically slapped on the back of the house and glued in place.

To ensure there are no leaks, if your new copper gutter fails, one must clad the roof structure and part of the masonry beneath the gutter with rubber (or other) roofing membrane.  This ensures if water dams up, or freezes, that any penetrating water will make its way back to the exterior of the building envelope.  Further, the gutter itself is supported by copper flashing trim to help support the gutter so it does not sag in the future, thus preventing ponding, mosquitoes, rust or freezing.  The trim also acts as a slope guide to ensure the gutter gently slopes towards the downspout, as noted in the elevation diagrams.

Once the gutter system is in place the rest of the roofing membrane can be installed, to create an overlap of membrane allowing water to flow downward without interruption by seams.

While installing a gutter properly will cost more, it will ensure a trouble free home for 40 or more years.  Installed incorrectly expect to have issues within a few years, and leaks around 10 years, leaks that could run down inside the stud wall cavity for years before discovery, often the source for that mildew smell in the cellar.

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  1. I have a home owners association tbst has a president of the home owners association , he has been the same president for over 23 years here . I’d like to put an end to his term but more importantly , who has the ultimate authority of repairs and replacements on the exterior of the town home . I would think that if there were a leak from downspouts and other’s easement creating more water in my property ( which is the 1 floor property ) would this be voted on with the board members or would it be resolved with the members of the property manager company? Signed very interested homeowner .

  2. Love the gutter scoop tip, such great advice. I’m a big DIY homeowner so I was upset when we moved into our new home and realized the roof was just TOO steep for me to feel comfortable to clean the gutters. I found a local gutter company that have been reliable and done good work. I didn’t realize there were gutter cleaning companies until I moved, just another tip, if it helps anyone.

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