When do we have fun?

This poster was created by Nicholas Buccalo to show the features in and around Columbus Circle in New York City, during the period when the Time Warner buildings were being planned.  Of course I had to rotate the speculative design for the Columbus Circle building in order for it to be viewable from this viewpoint.  It sits in the upper left corner with the large ‘TV’ letters on the side.

Rendering on the official White House Museum website.

Take a look at a rendering we completed as commissioned by Nest Magazine.  The image, one of two, shows the Blue Room, the main reception room of the White House directly opposite the residencial entrance, as it was viewed and designed originally.  Being a reconstruction I worked with archaeologists to get the space, patterns and colors correct. Continue reading “Rendering on the official White House Museum website.”

Welcome to SimpleTwig!

Welcome to our new blog for SimpleTwig.  Here we hope to explore ideas in and around Architecture, including problems we see, solutions, conceptual ideas, theoretical ideas and the like.

We hope you will follow us, and add your comments to our topics, or make suggestions, ask questions, voice your opinions or point out something interesting in the world of Architecture and other things that relate to what we do here at SimpleTwig.

SimpleTwig™, founded and owned by Nicholas Buccalo, provides professional Architectural, Rendering and Digital Graphics solutions to Architects, Developers and HomeOwners.  Located in New York City, SimpleTwig works on projects around the world.  To learn more visit our website at SimpleTwig.com.