[architecture] Afghan Cultural Centre 12/24

Multi-purpose Performance Hall: Our goal is to make a structure that can accommodate a variety of performance types for the Bamiyan River Valley…

first considering the potential lack of facilities in the region, and second given the extra cost associated with incorporating the foundation for additional elements being minimal. Lectures; Presentations; Movies; Dance; Theater; Music Performance for both vocal and instrumental, and other venues as the need arises.

Image(s) and text, copyright 2015 © SimpleTwig™ all rights reserved.
Image(s) and text, copyright 2015 © SimpleTwig™ all rights reserved.

To this end we will build all the components required for future embellishment, like spot light trough at the front stage edge, a full band pit, areas for hand controlled spotlights, projection equipment, etc. making easy to add each component as the need and finances become available, this, in order to provide a world-class acoustically-sound interior space.

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