FlashBack Friday, a new series…

We’re starting a new series…  once a month we’re going to dig up some old photos of a young Architect, Nick Buccalo, and a few of a young kid who wished to become an architect…

So, welcome to FlashBack Friday!

We think it’s a great an opportunity to glimpse back in time, chuckle about the styles, colors and hair.  We hope you enjoy and follow us to catch future past FlashBacks of the ’60’s, ’70’s, 80’s and 90’s…




In this photo, the summer of 1995, you can see our cat Meko occupying my chair as we ponder the project at hand.  I always listen to what Meko had to say.

Well it’s obviously summer, wearing shorts, sitting in my studio (will feature this tiny studio later).  The monitor was in color but really didn’t show up in this photo, even had a color printer.  Those monitors were quite heavy.  Oh and look at my hair!  Only a peek of what was to come… but as always I keep myself as nature has provided.

I still have those filing cabinets, beautifully constructed for Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s firm, confiscated when their firm closed in 1991 (Johnson’s firm reemerged with Alan Ritchie who still runs the firm), they, the cabinets, have carried on without complaint.  Meko is long gone, a good cat.

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