[architecture] Need Advice for your home addition?

You may know something isn’t quite right about your house or room, but don’t know exactly what to do to make it better.

Well you may not know this but all you have to do is send us a couple of digital photos and I’ll give you my recommendation on how to improve the quality of your place, before you spend your money on a contractor, at a local home improvement store, or loose your time creating something that ends up just as bad as the original situation.


House Addition that fits the existing residence in scale, style and material.
House Addition that fits the existing residence in scale, style and material.



I was there, long before I became an Architect wondering about spaces and what could be done to improve them, even drawing floor plans in 3rd grade to understand buildings I occupied completely.  For someone that are untrained the idea of making a design solution that actually works is actually a daunting task, despite one’s ego, and with encouragement from DIY TV shows, who might think they can do everything themselves or have a glimpse of what it all requires and go on that, even in areas where they have no experience or training.





For instance you certainly wouldn’t preform surgery on yourself, right? so, why would you go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without at least consulting with a professional?




And there it is, you may be thinking ‘I’m not going to spend more money on a professional when I can spend it on the material.’ Well here I go when I say ‘you don’t have to.’ That’s right, just send us your photos and I’ll give you my advice, for free.





Why? I’d hate to think you’re about to throw away your money and time building something that has nothing to do with the real problem (that you may not recognize) and would rather have you know as a result of my help that there is an Architect that you and your friends can turn to.





In a way it’s my part in helping people, and helping the environment, plus your neighbors having to listen to the construction that is ‘just taking too long to complete.’

It’s that simple, so what are you waiting for… send us your photos.


The finished addition, deck and trellis. The owners were very nervous about the size of the deck, would it be too big, did it ruin the yard, etc. but after completion they really couldn’t thank me enough… they really love it and appreciated my convincing them to build it the right size.


And for those who have an Architect, let us take a quick look anyway to see if what they’re proposing is reasonable and will result in a satisfying building for the foreseeable future. You don’t want to spend your money on something that turns into a laughing stock… because people won’t tell you what they’re really thinking, they’ll just say whatever positive thing they can and hope that you’re happy with the result (and can live with it, or be able to sell it although they really don’t care if you can’t).  It’s like not returning to a restaurant that wasn’t satisfying.


Family Room, 2nd Bath and storage and media closets with up lighting. The view from the existing dining room to the backyard has never been better, aligned with the french doors.


People rarely say anything, they just don’t come back leaving an owner who’s wondering where all the customers are while thinking their place it wonderful.

Believe me I’ve seen that happen thousands of times… the house that was awkwardly large, the school that had a tongue shaped thing coming out of it’s facade, the charming little wood framed building turning into a adobe type building despite the efforts to keep it ‘historical.’ While these examples were the results of good intent, the results did not reflect that intent, which is a shame considering that buildings are those objects we all have to live with for decades to come.


Architect Nick Buccalo and his daughter being invited to a BBQ, as a thank you from the owners.


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