[architecture] Afghan Cultural Centre 4/24

Our cultural center composition takes advantage of this unique hill-top peninsula overlooking the Bamiyan valley below by affording every interior space a view…

Administrative and Academic Wing (Private/Semi-Private Wing):
Composed in such a way to offer a view for every room, this wing has an entrance that leads directly into an outdoor courtyard. From this courtyard one can enter the music room, the individual offices, or along the corridor that offers access to the conference room(s), studio and classrooms.

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Changes: We have made three changes to the program we wish to point out. The first is the music room where we provide extended program elements we hope you consider. including adding a coat/backpack drop-off near it’s entrance, a instrument storage room, a private practice room and an office for coordination of events and other music program duties.

Second, we’ve reduced the square meter requirement for the library restrooms for two reasons: 1) a private (lockable) male/female room is all that is required in a library of this nature and in this setting, and 2) the public restroom are near by and easily accessible if there was any remote chance of a high demand.
Third, in the office area, while we provide 8 separate offices with views towards the cliffs, we’ve also added a reception/waiting room for those occasions when staff wishes to meet someone outside their office, or to organize people for a large meeting in the conference room.
Together we think these are practical and functional refinements of the program that are worth considering.

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